A Rock Solid Home Inspection, LLC.
Mold Inspections
A Rock Solid Home Inspection, LLC. offers comprehensive mold inspections of the interior
and exterior of your home.  We are a Micro Certified Mold Inspection Company.  

A mold inspection is a thorough inspection of a structure to determine the current condition of
the structure relative to the possibility of fungal contamination.  Mold is a naturally occuring
organism found throughout  the environment.  Newer construction practices designed to
increase our comfort and energy conservation, has reduced a buildings ability to shed excess
moisture.  Mold can begin to grow and become a  health concern when a building cannot
shed excess moisture.  

A Rock Solid Home Inspection. LLC offers two levels of mold inspections:
-visual mold inspection identifying mold and moisture penetration sources
-visual mold inspection with air and swab sampling

A comprehensive written report with a photo appendix is included in all mold inspection

We invite you to contact us to discuss the level of mold inspection that best suits your needs.